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My name is Nathan Joseph and I am the founder of

I created this site in May 2011 to offer a once stop resource for the most accurate, well-researched and simple to read love and relationship advice available.

I have read dozens of books on this subject, reviewed dozens of studies and have dedicated the last 10 years of my life to understanding how human attraction works – and more importantly how it DOESN’T WORK.

In my mission to understand human love and relationships, Ive discovered there are two trains of thought on this subject. Firstly,

Basic Animal Attraction Teachings, These Include:

  • Pick Up Artists/Guides/Gurus
  • Guides relating to dating “tricks”
  • Alpha and Beta Social Status Teachings
  • My current most recommended attraction eBook is Josh P’s bestselling system – check out my full review here

The basic premise of these teachings is that love can be quantified and forced onto someone by changing your actions or social status –  triggering the primitive attraction mechanism in the human brain .
And secondly,

Emotional Attraction Teachings

  • These teachings focus on quality time, communication and the mental processes involved in attraction.
  • My current most recommended system for emotional attraction is Bob Grants book The women men adore. See my full review of the Women Men Adore.

What Ive come to find is that BOTH fields of thought are correct – and’s mission is to learn to how merge these two ideas together in order to master relationships and love.

I’d recommend starting with my most popular articles: How to turn on a woman, signs that a guy likes you or what do men want in a woman.

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Nathan Joseph, BA (Hons)

Nathan Joseph is the founder and lead researcher at Get specific answers to your relationship questions from Nathan personally - sign up for One on One Coaching Now! Be friendly - add +Nathan to your Google+ circle.