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Advertise With currently generates 31,000 page views per month – or 1000 pageviews per day.

75% of our traffic is highly targeted organic traffic from Google and another 15% is direct traffic. We don’t have any paid or low-quality traffic.

Our readers are people from around the world looking for advice on topics ranging from dating, love to flirting and breaking up. 80% of our readers come from North America.

Our average user’s time on our site is currently 1:21, and our page visits per user is 1.5 – giving your ad or product lots of exposure.

We offer a 25% discount if you buy the ad space directly from us.

For new advertisers we put the ad up and allow to you verify before you make any payment. We also offer 7 day campaigns.

Advertising Opportunities:

Text Link Ads: We offer 6 text link ad spots.  These links are very valuable from the Search Engine point of view and boost your organic rankings. Each month, we sell 6 such links in out sidebar.

Image or Banner Ads: You can choose from simple text ads to rich flashy ad. Prices vary depending upon the ad format. Your ads will be located at premium fold regions where readers concentrate. Again, we offer a 25% discount for buying from us directly. Our rates are based on bidding patterns, currently our ads range from 1.50 CPM for 200×200 to 4$ CPM for premium 160×600 sidebar banner.

Reviews: We can review your product, but we restrict ourselves to be completely honest and we can’ t guarantee a positive review every time.  The price is 80$ for a website or product review.

Custom Proposals: We are open to all kinds of advertising opportunity. Please contact us to propose a custom ad placement.

I do reserve the right to refuse offensive or unsuitable ads.

You can buy any of the above ad formats directly. We accept PayPal Payments and PayPal accepts Credit Cards. Please email me below to purchase  advertisements:

[email protected]

I look forward to maintaining a fair, mutually-beneficial  and long-lasting relationship with  you.  – Nathan Joseph

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Nathan Joseph, BA (Hons)

Nathan Joseph is the founder and lead researcher at Get specific answers to your relationship questions from Nathan personally - sign up for One on One Coaching Now! Be friendly - add +Nathan to your Google+ circle.