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Why is My Boyfriend Acting Distant? – 3 Reasons Hes Pulling Away

When it comes to romantic relationships, it’s a rarity for changes in habit or behavior to go unnoticed. After a certain amount of time, you are able to read your partner; you can tell how they’re feeling. You can tell if your boyfriend had a bad day at work by the way he walks through the front door. He doesn’t have to tell you when he doesn’t feel well, because you pick up on it all on your own. You know when he needs cheering up or just needs to relax.

AA boyfriend being distantre You Being Paranoid?

As such keen observers, you might also find yourself noticing that your boyfriend’s acting distant. It’s an unfortunately glum feeling that the majority of us can relate to. If you find yourself with sneaking suspicions that your man is pulling away, don’t jump the gun! Make sure that you take some time to think before you act rashly. If you feel him distancing himself from you, the last thing you want to do is push him farther away.

The first thing you have to do is ask yourself one question: “Is my boyfriend really acting distant or am I just being paranoid?” One of the first things we are inclined to do panic: to run through all of the terrible scenarios that could be causing changes in his behavior. If your boyfriend starts breaking dates or stops calling you as frequently, your mind will start to wander, but it mustn’t get the better of you. Don’t drive yourself crazy with thoughts of him seducing another woman, or planning to move out. Before you worry yourself silly with “what ifs,”

Investigate the logical explanations for his distance

Although you’re able to read your man most of the time, remember that he might not tell you everything. We all have our problems, and he might not want to dump them all over you. How are things at work? Maybe he’s dealing with some family issues that he’d prefer to keep private. We all keep things tucked away deep inside, and many times we keep them there to protect the people that we love.

If you think something’s on his mind, ask him how he is doing, and let him know that he can trust you. You’ll be there for him.

Don’t nag! Just ask compassionately

Becoming too clingy when you feel your boyfriend is acting distant is just begging for trouble. In fact, it’s possible that you might want to consider making yourself a little less available. Don’t hang around the phone waiting to schedule a date with him. Make some plans of your own: go out with the girls, take a dance class, or even hit the gym. Get out in the world and do something to take your mind off the relationship and boost your confidence!

Your Boyfriend Acting Distant MIGHT Be Serious….

If talking it through doesn’t solve the problem, and you can still feel your boyfriend moving farther and farther away from you, it’s time to start considering the possibility that their might be a more serious problem. It’s a hard thing to admit, but a relationship with you may not be what he wants. There’s always the possibility that he’s seeing someone else. Your boyfriend may also be acting distant because he’s planning to end the relationship. It’s common for men to pull away prior to a breakup in an attempt to lessen its’ blow.

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