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How To Get (and Keep) A Boyfriend: The 4 Absolutely Essential Traits

Important Concepts-  How To Get A Boyfriend The three qualities that men look for most are:  1) Looks, 2) Stability and 3) Intelligence – in that order. Men are initially attracted to looks, but fall in love with your personality – they fall in love with YOU. [Read More]

Making Your Move On A Girl: 3 Unstoppable Techniques

Important Concepts: How to make a move on a girl: – First off,  I define “making a move” on a girl to be YOU kissing HER for the first time. Anything less than that can still be confused as a friendly gesture. Kissing a girl is the first real moment [Read More]

The 3 Keys To Making A Man Fall In Love

Important Concepts: – When trying to make a man fall in love with you ALWAYS control your emotions. NEVER show extreme anger, neediness, jealousy, or erratic behavior to a man. This kind of behavior sets of evolutionary alarms in his mind that will tell him to RUN [Read More]

How To Use Body Language To Attract Girls

Most men love to be able to attract girls in a variety of ways. Have you ever thought about how you can use your body language to attract girls? It is actually much easier than you might think. For starters, having good posture shows that you are confident and wearing a [Read More]

How To Sweet Talk A Girl Into Liking You

First of all, girls love sweet talk, as girls love attention. If you are giving your girl sweet talk, she is most likely eating up the attention whether she lets you know it or not. One thing is for sure, if you do not know how to talk sweetly to a girl, your chances of [Read More]

What Turns Women On – The 10 Triggers

What Turns Women On – The 10 Triggers

 What turns women on – Important Concepts: – Women are pre-programmed to become turned on when a man presents certain KEY characteristics. There is no choice in the matter, evolution has made this a subconscious automated response  – this is why [Read More]

How To Impress A Girl In 5 Easy Steps

How To Impress A Girl In 5 Easy Steps

Important concepts: How To Impress A Girl – – The most important qualities for impressing a girl are: Confidence, humor and high social status – in that order. (Print this list off or bookmark it.) The following male qualities ALSO help to impress girls, [Read More]

How To Approach Women – 2 Unstoppable Approach Techniques

How To Approach Women – 2 Unstoppable Approach Techniques

Important concepts  – How To Approach Women: – The most important things remember when approaching women is to control the location, show dominance and confidence, and to time it properly. – The value of what you say and do around a women decreases [Read More]

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