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Five Tips for Finding True Love Online

Many of us dream of the perfect life, a successful career, beautiful home, and loving relationship with “the one.” Unfortunately, in the real world, having all of these dreams come true can become difficult. All too often, the only hindrance to these dreams is time. In order to spend the time needed to build a successful career, for example, it can be difficult to find the time for meeting new people or dating. With all of these issues, many turn to online dating. But can one really find true love online? By using the following advice, you stand a really good chance.

Build a Good Profile

Women finding love online Building your online profile is vital to finding the right one. While it can be tempting to exaggerate, it is very important that you are honest when creating your online persona. Remember, you are looking for “the one,” so you do plan to meet him or her at some point. When you do, if you have not been honest, the illusion will crumble, and they will lose interest immediately. One of the most important things to place on an online profile is your picture. It needs to be updated, and real. Most people will not even consider chatting with someone who does not have a picture for fear that they are married, or hiding something. Just like being honest, putting a recent and real picture of you online that shows what you really look like means that you do not have to worry that the person will not want to see you again because of your looks. Put the real you out there, and the one who is meant for you will be attracted.

Showing the Real You is Better Than Telling

Although your profile should tell a bit about yourself, showing is always better than telling. You can tell the world how funny you are, but if nothing in your profile or chat makes them laugh, then you aren’t. Saying that you love adventure will not be nearly as impacting as posting pictures of your latest adventures. Also avoid cliche’s. He or she can discover later how much you love sunset walks on the beach, and you can show them that you are a good listener. Telling them does not show them. It is fine to explain what makes you stand out from the crowd, but always remember that the time will come that you have to prove it.

Portray Confidence

Although honesty and sincerity is vital in any interaction which could lead to a relationship, this is the one area that it is okay to pretend something which you do not feel. Many of us lack confidence when it comes to dating, and yet, ironically, confidence is exactly what the opposite sex is attracted to. For those who feel less sure of themselves, I offer you a tip that I was given years ago. “Fake it till you make it.” Although, as I said, faking anything is usually never good in a relationship, in this instance it can be a game changer. Here is why. When you portray confidence, people respond positively. Their response actually gives you confidence. Pretty soon, the confidence you are giving off is real. Don’t go overboard, and try to act too macho, guys, or too independent, girls, which can be a turnoff, but smile, hold your head up, and act as if you know you are sexy, because to the right person, you are.

Be Patient and Be Interested

Perhaps the most important key to building a successful relationship with someone whom you met online is patience. You may have several dates before one really hits it off with you. Don’t give up too quickly. Also, to show genuine interest in someone, it is important to choose one person give them your attention. If you are “spamming” several different people with the same lines, they will know. Let your interest be real, and be for that one person you are chatting with, not just a generic interest in “whosoever will.” You will also need to remember, many people are a bit afraid when it comes to online dating, and in today’s world, they should be. Give the person you are interested in time to get to know you, and you take the time to get to know them. Exchanging phone numbers is a good idea after several emails, but keep in mind, home phone numbers can be looked up online in an address search…it is better to give out your cell number first. Build rapport, show confidence, give them the right amount of attention, and the right one will respond.

Pick the Right Online Dating Site

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