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How To Get A Second Chance With Your Ex Girlfriend

For one reason or another you find yourself single and you’d love the chance to get your ex girlfriend back. Take heart. Statistics show that plenty of guys have scored second chances with their ex girlfriends even when there were some pretty hard feelings after the break up.

Time for an apology

The first thing you need to do is muster up an apology. Even if you do not feel that you are to blame, you can still offer an apology for the simple fact that the relationship did not work out. Most of the time, each partner has something that they could apologize for so you shouldn’t have a hard time coming up with a genuine, “I’m sorry.”

ID-10090773If you know specifically what you did wrong, own up to it. If you were overly jealous, demeaning, unavailable, etc., let her know that you are sincerely sorry and that you will do better in these areas. I go over more specifics of what to say, and when to say it, in my 4 steps for getting your ex back. Make sure to check it out.

Do some changing

Once you have apologized, you must make a commitment to your ex concerning changing whatever it is you did wrong. If she wants more of your time, discuss how much time you can devote to her each week. If you were in the habit of yelling at her, resolve to utilizing anger management skills and treating her with respect. Whatever it was that you were doing that upset her, you really must change or she will walk out the door again.

Make your move and then let go

Once you have apologized and declared your commitment to change your behavior, ask her for another chance and then let go. If you pressure her or act needy and clingy, it will repel her. No one likes to feel pressured. Give her some time to process what you have discussed with her. She may give you a second chance or she might not, but at least you gave it your best shot.

It wouldn’t hurt to send her some flowers or a card letting her know that you are thinking of her. Women do love to receive sentiments and she will appreciate the effort. Keep a positive attitude and when you talk to her keep it light and fun. Do not mope around when in her presence, as this will mark you as desperate and insecure. Be confident that you have a lot to offer her and let some time go by. Once this step is completed, it is important to complete the next 3 steps in my 4 step plan to get your ex back!

Once you’ve done what you can do to get your ex back, let it go and keep busy with your life. If she gives you another chance, delight in her and treat her like the princess she is. If she declines, take some time to yourself to get over the hurt and move on when you think the time is right.

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