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The Reasons A Girl Didnt Call You Back

The Real Reasons She Didn’t Call You Back

girl didnt call you back So, you’ve finally met her… “the one,” that girl you just have to get to know better. You hit it off immediately and the chemistry was off the charts. You were so into each other as soon as you met that you simply had to ask her out. So you did. And much to your delight, she agreed enthusiastically. You took her to a great place, had a lot of laughs, showed her a great time and promised to call. Problem is, when you called, she didn’t answer. So you left a voicemail letting her know how much you enjoyed the date, and inviting her to call you back to schedule another. Everything was terrific, so why hasn’t she called you back? Here are a few reasons that could be the answer.

You Waited Too Long to Call Her

 In most cases, you will need to call her back within three days of the date to make her feel important. She knows that you have a cell phone connected to your hip at all times, so if you have not taken the time to call her in three day’s time, she will feel that you were just not that into her. Once a woman feels that you are not showing the interest that you should, she will lose interest herself, and move on. As harsh as this is, she is likely looking down at her phone as it rings thinking, “Nahh I’ll make him wait like I had to.” The best thing to do is call one more time, and if she doesn’t answer, hang up and don’t try again. Remember…thanks to Facebook and the internet, women are getting advice such as “Never make someone a priority while you are just an option.” Make her feel she is more than just an option, and you will be too!

You Were Checking Out Other Girls

So you took her to a bar and had a great time. Yeah, you were checking out that chick in the leather jeans, but she didn’t seem to mind. She even joked about how “fine” the guy with her was. Don’t fall for it. While she may act like it is okay to seem cool and save face at the time, no woman with any self respect really likes her date checking out other women. If you are into the date for just a one night stand, then this kind of behaviour may work, but if you really dig this girl and want a second and maybe even third date, keep your eyes on her.

You Were Too Into You

 As I have already mentioned, women like to feel important, like more that just an option for something to do that night. If all you did the entire date was talk about yourself, brag on your own accomplishments, or especially talk about your exes, then it is no wonder she hasn’t answered your calls. Listen to her…show her you are interested in what she has too say. Also, when she tells a story, try to avoid answering all of them with, “Yes, that happened to me too….” and then taking off with your own story. Sharing with her is important, but make sure that you allow the conversation to include other topics besides yourself as well.

 You Drank Too Much

 In a world where some men can often become mean or nasty very quickly when they are drinking, make sure that you don’t come across as one of them. A drink or two is fine, especially if you are not driving, but more than that is not. Women like to know that a man can show restraint and self-control. The same goes for smoking…especially is she does not.

There are several other reasons that a woman may not call you back for that second date. Some are no-brainers, such as if you are still married, you insulted her, or were too aggressive. Others are more subtle, such as she didn’t like your jokes, your breath was bad, you did not tip the waiter/waitress, etc. The thing to keep in mind is that it is not the end of the world. If she does not call you it does not mean that there is anything wrong with you…it could just mean that you did not “fit,” in which case she did you a favor. You are now free to pursue someone who will mold perfectly with you.

Most Importantly – You Didn’t Demonstrate the Qualities of An Alpha Male.

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