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How Do You Get A Man To Love You? – The 5 Steps

Important Concepts: How Do You Get A Man To Love You? –

– In order to get a man to love you, you need to demonstrate emotional stability, attractive female traits, maternal traits, kindness, trust, and you need to fulfill his needs. Doing these 6 things should be your primary focus during the dating process.

– Keeping his stress levels low doesn’t hurt either. Don’t cause him drama.

– Sex is important to men – when they commit to you, the assumption is that the sex WILL remain the same once your married or dating exclusivity. Don’t get complacent with sex.

– Guys put girls into two bins – the “sleep with” bin, and the “introduce to mom” bin.  You want to get into, and stay into, the second bin. More on that in my article: How To Get A Boyfriend

Love takes time. This wont happen overnight – it will take at least 4 months of dating for a man to fall in love with you. More on the specifics of love in my article What is Love?

Now on to: “How Do You Get A Man To Love You? – The 5  Steps

how do you get a man to love you5 – Demonstrate Emotional Stability –

In order to get a man to love you, you need to show him that you would make a stable and reliable mother to his children – its an evolutionary test. As such, men search for women who they can trust to stick it out for the long-haul and who aren’t all over the map in terms of emotions. You need to suppress jealousy, insecurity, unpredictability, unreasonable emotional fits, anger and anxiety/depression. You also have to avoid promiscuous, unhealthy, or risky behavior.  Don’t be a party-girl or a bar-star.

I’m not saying you can’t have a bad day or that you have to be incredibly boring – I’m saying that he has to be able to trust that you can keep your life together enough to maintain a healthy family. Men look for erratic behaviors early on in hopes of screening out emotionally unpredictable women, they are especially weary of flight-risks (women who will leave) or women who will introduce truckloads of drama or baggage into their lives.

4-  Demonstrate Maternal Traits –

If you want this guy to fall for you, you need to take on the role of a nurturing partner. You need to emphasize maternal traits like compassion, femininity and reliability. Show him how you would care for your future family by taking care of him when hes sick or by cooking him a meal after a long day – make him feel cared for. Show concern for him when hes at risk and don’t be scared to show him when you’re worried about him or the path hes headed down. Guys love being looked after.

3- Emphasize Attractive Female Qualities:

The top three attractive female qualities are: Looks, Intelligence and Stability – in that order. Emphasizing these three qualities will ensure that there is even the potential for him to fall in love with you – because there is no love without primitive physical attraction. You could be the coolest and greatest girlfriend in the world, but if hes not attracted to you none of it will matter, in his eyes you will only be a friend.

Some simple steps you can take to improve your overall attractiveness include: Don’t play ditzy, always take the time to get  ready before going out in public, hit up a gym, and focus on work/school and have clear life goals.

2- Fulfill his Needs –

Men have two needs that have to be met in their relationships- they are: sex and reliable companionship. If these needs are not met, he will not be able to fall in love with you – period.

Some practical things you can do to fufilll his need for a reliable companion:

  • Be there for him; be his best friend and his cheerleader.
  • Don’t forget his birthday, or his graduation.
  • Don’t play mind games with him.
  • Don’t ditch him for your friends – make him a priority.
  • DO NOT flirt with other guys in front of him.
  • Always do what you say you will and come through for him.
  • Never put him down or become his enemy or an obstacle – life will throw enough of those his way.

1 -Be Kind and Trustworthy

These are the two most important qualities of any human relationship – without exception. Without kindness and trust there is no relationship – let alone love. Always be kind to him and never give him any reason not to trust you. Expect the same from him.

Fighting to maintain kindness and trust throughout the entire relationship is the most important, and most effective way to get this man to fall for you. Never compromise on these two things – because he if doesn’t trust you or if he develops a deep-seeded hatred for how you treat him, resentment will develop; resentment that will slowly poison and sour any love that he had for you.

In the end though, if you don’t remember anything about this article, just remember to be a cool girlfriend. Make him proud to talk about you. Love will follow.

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