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How To Approach Women – 2 Unstoppable Approach Techniques

Important concepts  – How To Approach Women:

– The most important things remember when approaching women is to control the location, show dominance and confidence, and to time it properly.

– The value of what you say and do around a women decreases proportionally to how long you’ve known her;  in layman terms, this means your first few interactions with a women she will scrutinize EVERYTHING YOU DO and EVERY word you say. At the beginning, every, single, word, counts – alot.

how to approach womenMake sure you approach her when your are in a position of dominance – always be on top when you make your move. Ill give some examples later in the article.

– Learning how to approach women also implies that you learn to get rejected  – you WILL get rejected at some point. Get over it, princess.

– Weed out unavailable women early on in the conversation and MOVE ON to the next one as soon as you determine its not going anywhere. For the love of god guys, do not stay and chat with a women when YOU KNOW its not going anywhere. I see TONS of guys doing this – I mean, would you go to a job interview for a position that doesn’t need to be filled?

Maximize your odds by constantly improving and fine tuning your pickup process – think of it like an assembly line. Chat up girl -> has boyfriend -> next -> chat up girl -> get number -> next -> chat up girl… get the idea. Successfully approaching women comes as a result of two things: How many women you approach TIMES how successful your approach is. As for your approach …

 “How to Approach Women – 2 Unstoppable Approach Techniques”:

#2 – Approach women in a location where you are “The Man”:

In my article what attracts women, I taught you that power, control, humor, confidence and social status are the MOST important qualities for attracting women; knowing that, it should come as no surprise that it’s important to control the location in which you approach women.

Approaching women in a location where you are comfortable, confident, and preferably in charge, is essential. For example, if you regularly attend a bar where you know the bartenders, all the staff, and most of the guests, you can use this power and control to leverage your pickup.This is because for amateurs in the dating game, being in control automatically increases your energy level, social status, confidence and overall attractiveness – you become “the man” just by virtue of your surroundings; you don’t even have to consciously think about it.

The opposite is also true, can you imagine trying to approach a women when you’re skiing for the first time in your life? Imagine falling all over the place, being awkward and off-balance and saying “Hey baby, want to grab a drink later?” Not gonna happen, buddy.

When it comes to approaching women, stick with places or activities where you are at your absolute best.

#1 – Ensure a killer pre-approach:

The key here is patience. Scope out the situation, and wait for the right time to approach a women.

  • First, make sure shes not with a guy – this is a waste of time; there are probably 30 other girls around who don’t have such a large obstacle to overcome. Cut your losses.
  • Second, plan to approach her when shes at her worst and you’re at your best. If she does something embarrassing, looks lost, confused or flustered – make your move. This ensures the balance of power is shifted as far into your favor as possible.

The more rock-solid you are, and the more off-balance she is, the more your chances of a successful pickup are. As an example:

Picture this scenario:

A women enters YOUR location (as per #1) – shes lost, awkward and spills her drink. You casually walk over to her smirking – “Having trouble with that? Do you need a kiddie cup with a straw to drink that? You both laugh. She blushes.

You lean over to your friend, the bartender: “Hey Marco, can we get this girl another drink on the house? Shes having a hard time over here!” He passes her another drink, for free.

“So, whats your name?”  – You ask her, as you take a seat beside her. 

Do you see where I am going with this? How do you think this story ends?

As a bonus, EVEN IF she blows you off, did you really even get rejected? After all, you were just trying to help her out, right?  😉

In this same scenario, if you hadn’t waited for the drink to spill, it would have been an obvious pickup and her defenses would have been up. Pre-approach observations and timing are key.

As for executing the approach itself, you really need to read my articles: how to talk to girls and what attracts women BEFORE you approach ANY women.

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-Nathan Joseph

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