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How to Arouse a Woman – The 4 Best Moves

How to Arouse a Woman – Important Concepts:

– Just so were on the same page here,  I define “arousing a woman” as the physical actions or touching that help to kick-start her sex drive and ultimately lead to sex.  This article does not discuss mental attraction, attraction triggers or anything to do with the pick-up process For those see: what attracts women, whats turns women on, or how to make a move on a girl.

Arousing a woman with a touch– Although “dirty talk” can be arousing for a women, most of your focus needs to remain on touching techniques – a well-executed touch is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

– Timing is very important, you must escalate your arousal techniques and make sure they are executed in proper order. For example, a thigh or breast touch should never come before cuddling or making out –  dont be a creeper, guys.

-The first and most obvious step is to plan ahead to make sure you have somewhere private to arouse her.  Trying to get her in the mood at grandma’s family dinner probably wont happen. Stick with the basics;  something like a movie in your room with a blanket covering you is a timeless setting.

-As always, no means no guys – ALWAYS respect her boundaries.

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How to Arouse a Woman – The 4 Moves:

#1) First – Get In Close And Buy Yourself Some Time:  Once you are together in a private setting your first goal needs to be to get in close with her in a way that will last awhile. This can’t be a momentary or temporary position,  so consider putting on a movie because it gives you almost 2 hours to work your magic. Your aim should be to end up sitting directly beside her or cuddling up with her. Either way, you need to get within the 3 feet of comfort space that we generally require with friends. The best ways to accomplish this are:

  • Using a blanket that is only big enough to cover both of you if you’re directly beside each other.
  • Manning up and sitting directly beside her AFTER she sits down.
  • Sleeping in the same bed (cliche, but its worth mentioning because it works)

#2)  Break the Touch Barrier:  Once your right next to her in a comfortable way and you’ve got time, your next goal needs to be to get some casual and light touching in. These touches are most important part of triggering  arousal in women – so dont skip this step! The best ways to accomplish the first touch is:

  • If you’re sitting beside her, brush the outside of your leg against the outside of her leg lightly. Rest it there for about 10 seconds then remove it.
  • If your lying down beside her, rub the outside of her upper arm up and down with your index finger. If she gets goose bumps, you’re doing well.
  • In any situation, brushing her hair back behind her ear and rubbing her ear softly as you do it always works well.
  • This one works well – its my personal favorite. Hold her hand and then rub the tip of her index finger up and down softly with your fingers. Her finger tips are one of the most sensitive parts of her entire body so you’ll notice an immediate reaction.

#3) Sensual touching and kissing: Once you’ve established light touching and shes comfortable with it,  its time to move on to bigger and better things.

    1. Sensual touching means to slowly and casually move your light touching and rubbing to more sensitive areas. Specifically, you want to get to one of the 5 female erogenous zones. These areas are extra sensitive and will trigger arousal quickly. They are:
      •  The lower back
      •  the ear lobe,
      •  the lower stomach and pelvis,
      •  the inner thigh near the knee and,
      • the collar bone.
    2. Kissing – Once you begin to escalate your touching you will notice that she will being to breathe heavily and become flush. She’s getting turned on! Its time to start kissing and making out with her. You might have to adjust position to accomplish this, but at this point, the movie is not THAT important, is it?

 How To Arouse a Woman – The Final Step

#4) Escalate kissing and touching all the way –  You’re almost there. Once you’ve been making out or kissing for 2-3 minutes you need to move on to the most powerful techniques to put her sex drive into high gear. Move from kissing her lips to kissing her neck softly. Move up to her ear lobe and kiss it gently. You can also kiss her collar bone as it is highly sensitive. WHILE your doing these kissing techniques escalate your touching by moving to her butt and breasts. At this point, she will be moaning, flush and her skin will become ultra sensitive to touch allowing you to literally give her shivers.

Although I wish I could help my readers and cover all the steps to being ultra-successful with women in one article, but I cant even come close.

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