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How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text – The 25 Rules

Important Concepts – How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text:

1. The #1 rule for flirting with a guy, text or not, is to stay playful and avoid professional and serious language. You need to build comfort, trust and attraction – DO NOT turn it into a job interview.

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2. When it comes to flirting with guys over text humor and teasing are your best friends. Poke fun at him, but keep it light and playful.

3. Flirting is communicating for the sake of communicating – there is no REAL reason except to build attraction and land a date BUT you still need a small underlying reason to be texting him in the first place – an inside joke is the PERFECT ice-breaker.

a girl flirting with a guy over text

Breaking The Ice – How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text:

4. Think of something funny or ridiculous that you’ve both experienced. It could be an over-the-top teacher, a party, or even something embarrassing the guy did.

5. Use this inside joke to break the ice and start flirting with him over text. Make your is first text is witty, well-worded and casual. Take your time writing your ice-breaking text.

6. Use this as an example: “I think I just saw a kid walking down the street wearing the same t-shirt you wore to the party last night. It was the same size too! ;)” This would be in reference to a tight tshirt that he was wearing that you had both already laughed about. Make sure the joke you pick was pre-established, in other words, make sure you guys had joked about it at least once before and that he found it funny.

 The Do’s and Do Not’s of Flirting With A Guy Over Text:

7. Keep the texts short – never more than 2 sentences.

8. Use playful emoticons – they make for comfortable and casual conversation.

9. Never send more than 2 texts in row without a response.

1o. Don’t be vulgar or crude.

11. Demonstrate magnetic femininity. (I get ALL of my clients to watch this video in order to understand this concept, its  life-changing, dont miss it! Watch it now!)

12. Demonstrate intelligence, dont play ditzy or stupid. Its not cute.

13. Throw off your response times, if he waits 2 hours to respond, respond 2 minutes later. If he responds quickly, wait 2 hours to respond. Dont mirror his pattern, make your own. You’re a busy woman after all.

14. Keep it light and funny – build up the energy and tension. Each and every text should cause him to grin or smile. Remember that.

15. Be one step ahead of the game. Try to determine if he likes you by examining his texts and body language when you saw/see him in person. See: how to tell if a guy likes you.

16. Be a challenge. The purpose of flirting over text is to subconsciously grade the other person’s social status – being a challenge implies that yours is high.

17. Don’t supplicate to him. Push and pull him a little, make him work for you a little bit, don’t do all the work or all of the texting. Remember though, don’t make him do all the work either, be firm but fair.

18. Emasculate him a little bit – he will see this as a challenge to his manhood and try harder to prove himself to you. A good example text of this is:  “Im watching the notebook right now. Ill bet its your favorite movie too!!.

19. Make his head spin – Come on strong, make him think he has you and then take a huge risk by jokingly rejecting him in some small way. Ie. “Ummm no, I dont really want to work on that class project with you, you’re a slacker!” DONT SAY YOUR “JUST KIDDING!” LET HIM RESPOND.  Always keep a joking tone when doing this, and always give him a opening to come back with response or a second offer. Always accept the second offer.

20. Break boundaries, push the limits, cross lines that wouldn’t cross with people who you arent interested in. Use the words “hot” or “sexy” a couple of times BUT don’t use them to refer to him – make it flow in the message. A good example is “Guys with tattoos are so hot”. Subtly reveal that you have a wild side too.

21. Demonstrate attractive female behavior.  See: How To Get a Boyfriend for more ideas on the behaviors that guys are looking for. Basically, compassion and maternal traits are attractive.

22. Remember that your ultimate goal is a date. Work towards that. Keep breaking barriers, getting more comfortable and building trust.  If you’re flirting well and building attraction, he will get the hint and ask you out. (At least if hes not a wuss and he’s read my article: How to tell if a girl likes you)

23. If he has no dating experience you might have to ask him out. Unattractive as that is, it might be necessary. He’s shy.

24. If he hasn’t asked you out after 3 days of texting and flirting BUT is still responding and flirting back, take the bull by the horns. Show high status by asking him “So…are we gonna hang out again or are we going to be texting buddies?” This will throw him off and you’ll get your answer and avoid awkwardness because its done in a playful tone. This is a RARE occasion on which you should show dominate behavior.

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– Nathan Joseph

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