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How To Tell If A Girl Likes You – The 5 Sure Signs

Important concepts – How To Tell if a Girl Likes You:

  • The top three things that trigger primitive attraction in women are:  Confidence, Humor and Social Success.  See my articles What attracts women? for more details on these traits.
  •  Given that attraction is uncontrollable and automatic, it produces physical side effects that can’t be disguised or  hidden – your job is to pick up on those signs.
  •  The absolute biggest sign that a girl likes you is: She plans, plots or goes out of her way to communicate with you. Remember that guys.
  • Alot of the important signs relate to information gathering. Women WILL gather information about you by asking around and by testing you.
  • In order to build attraction with a girl you must understand the 4 secrets of primitive attraction – don’t go in blind! Make sure to read them now! (Its 100% FREE!)

How To Tell If A Girl Likes You –  The 5 Signs:

A girl that clearly likes a guy#5- She Tries to Learn About you:

If a girl likes you she will attempt to learn about you. An important part of attraction for women is trust – they need to make sure that you are not too dangerous or risky. She will also attempt to learn, indirectly, if you possess attractive traits and would make a good provider. A girl will often do this by asking about you to mutual friends or co-workers -and as such, shes taking an interest in you romantically.

#4 – Nervousness, Shyness, Awkwardness or Blushing:

Watch for nervous tendencies. People only get nervous or blush around other people whose opinion’s we value. If she didn’t care about what you thought of her she wouldn’t get nervous or shy around you. If you find she does get nervous around you, you can be sure she cares what you think of her, and values your opinion – because she likes you.

#3- She Tests Your Masculinity:

Girls are subconsciously wired to test your suitability as a provider. She will attempt to belittle you, emasculate you, challenge you and/or play-fight with you. She’s programmed to find out if you’re a wuss early on to weed you out. If a girl likes you she will ask you seemingly ridiculous questions like “Can I paint your nails?” or “Do you cry watching chick-flicks?” DO NOT FALL FOR THIS TRICK GUYS! Stand your ground, and show her that you’re a man- do not supplicate. Deep down, this is what she wants. Trust me. If you find that shes teasing you or challenging you in this way, its because she likes you and is moving on to the “interview” phase.

#2 – Her Body Language Changes:

Posture – Both men and women subconsciously adjust their posture to ensure they can listen to, and visually examine, (check out) people the they like.  In order to tell if a girl likes you, you need to check and see if her knees, feet and shoulders are pointed towards you. Don’t worry about whether shes looking your way, because chances are shes going to try to hide the fact that she wants to check you out. It should also be added that a girl who likes you will rarely, if ever, keep her back to you if she can help it. Think about it, people don’t keep their backs to things that interest them, we position ourselves to face things we like.

Smiling, grinning , teasing and giggling:  Women become almost childlike when they are in the presence of men they are attracted to – they will laugh at your jokes, giggle, smile in your company and have a sort of trouble-making half smile/grin when you talk to them.  This playful attitude comes as a result of the tension and energy in the air.

Touching : A women who touches you, particularly in the presence of the other signs, is interested in you. Breaking the “touch barrier” is reserved for select few important people in our lives, and women   are generally very selective about the people they touch.  She will begin by touching your arm. Watch for that sign.

Eye contact: Watch for the two extremes. Prolonged eye contact and avoiding eye contact. If a girl quickly breaks eye contact when you look her way its probably because she was checking you out and did not want to get caught. Also, if a girl stares you in the eyes for 2 or more seconds (with a smile is even better) she probably likes you. Prolonged eye contact suggests attraction because people dont normally hold eye contact for more than half a second. Try it with a stranger, it gets awkward.

Proximity: A girl who likes you will get close to you. Well past the 3 feets of comfort space most people require. She will rub against you “by accident”, bump into you and sit close to you. Attraction at its most fundamental level brings two people close together; physically speaking.

Flush lips and ears: Girls lips and ears become flush when they are aroused, this applies more to dating but should be mentioned never-the-less.

Fidgeting: Girls will play with their hair, and rub objects with their  fingers when they are aroused. Watch for these actions.

How to tell if a girl likes you – # 1 Sign:

She plans, plots or goes out of her way to communicate with you.

When a girl likes you she will come up with ways to be near you, talk to you, or communicate with you in some way. She will seem to “randomly” pass you in the hall alot, show up at the same parties as you, come up with excuses to text you, call you, or end up in the same classes as you.

You will find that there seems to be an awful lot of “coincidences” bringing you guys together; it’s not fate or destiny though, guys. Shes activity working with her friends to create these scenarios in order to be around you. Consider that girls do not waste their time communicating with guys they don’t like, in fact, they ignore them. So if she putting effort into communicating or spending time with you – its because she likes you.

Ultimately though, knowing if she likes you is only the beginning – the next, and most important step, is the attraction process.

For this phase, I would highly recommend learning the 4 secrets of female attraction. In this FREE guide,  I provide the most effective tips Ive found for dating and attracting women. You WILL walk away with the BEST tools for attracting women there are.  Dont get put in the friend zone guys – check it out now!

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