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How to Tell if a Guy Likes You – 6 Signs He’s Into You

Important Concepts: How to Tell If a Guy Likes You –

  • If you want to learn how to know when a guy likes you,  you must watch his actions and body language, for the most part what he says is meaningless because he has full control over his words, and he’s trying to hide his feelings from you.
  •  Confident and attractive guys will never reveal their feelings to you, they will show you they like you by spending time with you. My golden rule of attraction is: If they like you, they WILL make time for you. Period. If he blows you off, cancels dates and does not make time for you in his life – he’s NOT in to you.
  •  Guys try to impress girls with their physical skills rather than their looks.
  •  Weak guys or guys with little dating experience will reveal their feelings to you early on. This will be a turn off because subconsciously they’ve just shown you they probably have lower social status than you.
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How to Tell if a Guy Likes You – The 6 Signs:

how to tell if he likes you

#6 ) He Demonstrates Provider Skills:

Evolution has made it so that women are attracted to men who are dominant and would make good providers. In response,men have adapted to show off these skills around women they are attracted to. If you find your crush is often showing off his strength, survival skills, dominant nature (play fighting with other guys etc) or just refers to how manly and protective he is, it’s because he likes you. Basically, he’s showing off his future daddy and husband skills to impress you, but let’s reverse that logic and ask why would he do that? Bingo. It’s because he likes you and is willing to spend the time and energy to convince you to like him.

#5 )  Nervousness or Awkwardness:

Looking for nervousness, awkwardness or blushing is another way that you can learn how to tell if a guy likes you – it shows you that he is looking for your approval. These behaviors suggest that deep down he’s really worried of what you think of him, so worried, in fact, that it affects his ability to function like a normal person. Common signs of a nervous or awkward person include: blushing, stuttering, awkward physical gestures (bad hug timing etc) and mirroring (they agree and relate with everything  you say and follow your movements). I explain this concept in more detail in my article signs of attraction.

#4 ) Proximity:

Another way to learn how to tell if a guy likes you, is to interpret how far he stands from you. At it’s very core, attraction makes two people want to be close to one another, well within the 3 feet of comfort space most people require. If you find he spends a lot of time touching you, standing right next to you, brushing up against you, touching knees under a table etc. it’s because he likes you.

#3 ) Body Position:

A guy who is attracted to you will rarely keep his back to you. So, in order to tell if a guy likes you, you must watch his body language. A guy who likes you will keep his torso, knees and shoulders pointed towards you, he will put himself in this position because he wants to be able to examine you visually without having to turn – which brings us to the next point.

#2 ) Visual Examination:

Sounds kinda creepy huh? Well, this is also known as checking someone out. A visual examination is the second most important way to tell if a guy likes you because it means he’s sizing you up as a mate. Looking you over is an evolutionary tactic to see if you’d physically make a good mother.  If you notice him looking at you frequently and looking away when you catch him, it’s because he’s attracted to you. Think about it this way, people don’t look at things that don’t interest them, so if he’s always facing you and looking your way, he likes you and is taking interest in you.

Knowing if a guy likes you – #1 Rule:

He makes time for you.

This really is the best way to tell if a guy likes you – because if he does, he WILL find a way to be with you. This might mean he spends time chatting with you, maybe it means he texts or calls you, in any case some of his actions require effort – men don’t put effort into projects they don’t want to pursue. There is one catch, however….

Confident guys WILL try to show you that they’re NOT that into you by being casual and aloof. They want you to think that they have lots of other options and that they don’t like you as much as they really do. They might wait to call you back, tease you, leave you hanging and be a challenge..

BUT, and a this is a big but, there is a fine line between a guy who’s pretending that he doesn’t like you and and guy who’s genuinely not interested in you at all! And…there’s only one way to tell the difference…

A truly interested guy will eventually make time for you – a uninterested guy won’t. I don’t care how many jobs your crush works or how many sports he plays…or whatever other excuses us guys give; If hes interested in you he will stay in touch with you AND make it easy for you to stay in touch with him. Why? Because he knows that if he doesn’t, he risks losing you to someone else – forever. This is a risk NO interested guy will EVER take.

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– Nathan J

Ref: Phynet.Apa Study, Image: Photostock

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