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The Magic of Making Up Review – Consumer’s Report

The Magic of Making Up System Overview: For those who have lost their soul mates, the The Ebook cover of the magic of making uplove of their lives, the one they absolutely cannot live without, T.W. Jackson has focused his years of expertise into a single system designed to get them back – now.

This review will examine whether or not this guide, entitled ‘The Magic of Making Up’, lives up to its claims.

In recent months this system has create quite the buzz in the dating and attraction community, especially for those who have been struggling in their attempts to communicate with their ex and re-ignite that spark. This is because, while many relationship guides offer tricks and head games to make your ex come crawling back, Jackson’s system claims that none of his advice is based on mind games

He also makes it clear that this is not a quick-fix, but a permanent and lasting fix for those who truly want to make their relationship work, and are willing to fight for it.

What the Magic of Making Up claims to teach:

  1. How to be calmer, in control, and more confident about the break up within minutes.
  2. How to master and overcome your break up depression, anxiety and heartache in 3 days.
  3. 4 clues that let you know if your ex still has feelings for you as well.
  4. The correct way to react when one of you has cheated.
  5. How to bring back the romance and the spark.
  6. How to PROPERLY initiate contact with your ex after a break up. (This is important, because this is where most people lose their ex for good.)
  7. The #1 REAL REASON why most people leave their lovers.
  8. Getting your ex to agree to a date. (the best part of the system, in my opinion)
  9. How bonding can save your relationship.
  10. Step by step plan of how to get your ex to come back to you, and stay.

The Making of Making Up System Summary:

All too often, a breakdown in communication is what causes the breakup of the relationship to start with. Pride can also play a huge factor, and work to make sure that there is no chance of reconciliation. As Jackson points out, one of the first steps to getting your ex back are to realize where you went wrong.

Think about it this way, if the relationship did not work to start with, then why would it work a second time if nothing has changed? So, what needs to change? The magic of making up will show you how to find the answers to those questions and put them into action.

Once you have these answers, you then have to admit your mistakes and faults..first to yourself, and then to your ex. Apologize to them, with no expectations. You cannot try make them forgive you – they must do it on their own.

While many relationship guides will also advise you not to have any contact with your ex, Jackson emphasizes the importance of “coming clean” on your mistakes, not only for the sake of the relationship, but to help alleviate any guilt you may have as well. Taking the time to actually show your ex that you do understand where you went wrong will go a long way towards convincing them that you really do want to make it right.

The elements of how to apologize, how to get a second “first” date, and everything else from start to finish are covered by Jackson, he makes it clear that there are specific key details you need to know to make this “roadmap” to work! He also shows you exactly how to start your relationship off again with a clean slate.

The Magic of Making Up Customer Service:

The Magic of Making Up comes with a hassle free money back guarantee that is good for 60 days. If it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you will get your money back. Ive had no reports from clients or readers about customer service related concerns.

My Personal Review and Experience with The Magic of Making Up:

Ive actually had the luxury of using this system for myself. A couple of years ago, my ex and I broke-up.

Typical scenario, a small fight mixed with big egos, silent treatment, and lots of pride meant that our relationship was at stake. So, instead of manning up and resuming communication, I let the silence drag on. This was extremely devastating to the bond and trust that is so critical in all relationships.

We did end up talking after a week – but it wasn’t the same, resentment and distance had taken its toll. We were seriously considering breaking up for good. I wanted to fight and not give up – but she wasn’t convinced.

I then tried to “teach myself” to fix things, based on logic, (love is NOT logical folks) and screwed up a few times, I was on verge of losing her forever….and in my gut, I knew it.

 I decided it was time to get help – and I got The Magic of Making Up.

This system quite literally taught me everything I needed to know within a couple of hours. Once I read it, I started on my “roadmap” to fixing my broken relationship. Following the instructions of the system, I created an apology letter, a first-date plan and a three-week plan. Within 24 hours, I had a date, me and my ex had had a tearful, and honest conversation to clear the air, and the healing had commenced.

I can honestly say me and my ex are still together today and that I am not sure if I could have fixed our relationship without the insight, focus and knowledge that this system gave me. For this reason, I do recommend it to all of my one-on-one clients as part of our “get your ex back” sessions.

The Magic of Making up Review Summary:

Overall, this system lives up to its hype within the community. Ive found that all the claims the author makes are accurate and truthful, and all of the content he claims to provide is not only present, but of high quality. This system will help you fix your damaged relationship and get your ex back, of that I have no doubt.

The Magic of Making Up Review Tally: 4.6/5

The Magic of Making Up Review Final Score
Quality of Information
I find this to be the most effective and thorough system for repairing a relationship I have found.
Layout and
There could have been my photos and diagrams to make the experience more interactive.
They offer numerous methods of contacting customer service. Their responses times are roughly 24 hours.
Truly the best choice for the money.
This system offers tremendous value for your dollar. T.W. Jackson has created an near-perfect love 'repair' system - it is well worth your time and money if you are currently in a break up situation. FREE Reader Bonus:

As with all my recommended picks, I include my own free guide as added knowledge in order for you to maximize your chances of finding happiness.

You see, I understand the pain and loneliness that accompanies a breakup, and I want to help you avoid that at all costs – even if it means giving away a $30 guide for free.

I want you to understand what it is you can do right now in order to get your relationship back. To feel empowered. To know there IS hope……and so, I am including “The three BIGGEST mistakes you can make in a break up situation“. This guide will teach you:

  • How to avoid acting based on emotion at the wrong time (hint: there IS a proper time to get emotional)
  • The three permanently devastating things most people do, and how to avoid them.
  • When DOING NOTHING is the best action to take.
  • How to get your ex to miss you, and crave the good times you had together.

This ebook compliments “The Magic of Making Up” perfectly, and together, they create a complete system for getting your ex back and taking charge of your break up.

Simply use the link below (bookmark this page in case you want to find it later) so I can get the guide to you during the checkout process.

Check out T.W Jackson’s tips video and get my guide FREE!

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