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Making Your Move On A Girl: 3 Unstoppable Techniques

Important Concepts: How to make a move on a girl:

– First off,  I define “making a move” on a girl to be YOU kissing HER for the first time. Anything less than that can still be confused as a friendly gesture. Kissing a girl is the first real moment where you are putting everything on the line, manning up, and telling her with 100% certainty “I like you as more than a friend”. There is no confusing or misinterpreting a kiss.

A guy making his move on a girl– The most important thing to remember when making a move on a girl is to always be 80-95% certain she WANTS you to make a move. Below 80% is too low to risk it, and above 95% means you’ve chickened out and waited too long – and you risk ending up in the friend zone. Basically, your first move should only come after escalating and building attraction to a point where your pretty sure you’re in, but not because she had to ask you: “Are you going to kiss me or what?”

– Making a move on a girl involves two separate steps: Ensuring the timing is right and ensuring a proper execution.

With the exception of a marriage proposal, this is the most important step in the dating and relationship process. Don’t downplay or undervalue the importance of a first kiss.

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How to make a move on a girl | Ensuring proper timing:

If your timing is too early or too late you will lose the girl – I’m 100% serious about this.

Never wait too long to make a move.

Waiting too long to make a move means you’re being a coward – NEVER wait so long that the girl has to make the move – this is amazingly weak.

A good rule of thumb is that if you’ve been on two dates and have not yet made a move, you are starting to run the risk of looking cowardly. Make sure you pull the trigger on the third date – you will NOT get a fourth date if you haven’t made a move by then.

Basically, waiting too long leads to her asking herself  “Why does this guy keep bringing me out, spending money on me and not make a move? Is he really that scared of me?’ This is a huge attraction killer.

Secondly, be sure not to make a move on a girl too soon.

A move made too early risks making her uncomfortable and being inappropriate, she will not only reject the kiss but most likely never give you a second chance. It should also go without saying that you should NOT try to make a move on girl that is clearly avoiding you or who has rejected your dates. (PS. if your a little behind and still looking to attract a girl, and get her on a date with you – you need to watch this video presentation – this tips are the best in the industry for pickup game.)

Its important to remember that girls will make it clear to you they want you to make a move by putting themselves in a position that allows you make it. An interested girl will allow herself to be alone with you, get close to you, come back to your place, get into your car or similar. Girls who are NOT attracted to you will not put themselves in this position – trust me. The fact that shes accepted your date and spent alone time with should be a huge sign that shes warming up to you.

Besides physically getting her on date, there are five other steps that need to be taken to ensure you are not making your move too early:

  • Shes shown multiple signs that she likes you and you’ve familiarized yourself with them by reading my articles how to tell if a girl likes you and signs of attraction.
  • You’ve spent at least a couple of hours alone with her in a date-like scenario.
  • You’ve broken the touch barrier.
  • You guys are comfortable with each other and the mood when you were together was fun and energetic.
  • There has been SOME sexual references/touching – this can be anything from a smack on the butt with a pool cue to grinding at the bar.

When you determine the timing is perfect – its time to execute the first move:

How to make a move on a girl | The Execution:

Man up and do it.


The biggest challenge you will encounter is your own insecurity. Remember, you are not yet 100% sure this girl is into you – its scary to take a risk like that. I can assure you however, that if you cant summon up the courage to do it, you will seriously regret it later. You will also be forced to have to do an end of the date kiss, which is a weak way to kiss a girl. Do it during the date, guys.

A little trick I used to use to force myself to make a move was to start walking, without thinking, towards the girl when I decided the time was right. Once I was half way to her I would tell myself “You cant turn back now, it will look weird. This is happening.” I would then interrupt whatever she was saying and brush her hair behind her ear, smile at her and kiss her.

This move works great because its spontaneous, fun and it shows confidence (one of the three pillars of what attracts women).

Another thing to mention – don’t be shy or worried if you have do most of the moving or leaning in for the first kiss, a lot of girls are shy and will freeze up, so don’t take it as a sign of rejection if they don’t leap into your arms. That being said, if she pushes you away, give you a cheek, or otherwise blocks your move, take the hint and respect her decision.

You should also aim to make the move in a private setting like your car or on a walk in the park – don’t do it on a bus or at a busy restaurant. (see ideas for a first date and how to approach a girl  for more information for good date settings and approach techniques). This is a very personal moment for her, keep it between you guys.

Once you’ve overcome your fears, sucked it up, and kissed her without getting rejected like you did in your over-active imagination – you can take a huge and well deserved sigh of relief. You’ve made it. You’re now 100% certain this girl is interested in you; you’ve now entered the dating and attraction phase.

For this, I would highly recommend reading up on the 4 proven methods of triggering female attraction. Here I offer you the best tools for dating and attracting women that Ive found to date. In short, you will walk away with the BEST tools for attracting women there are – Check it out now, FREE!

-Nathan Joseph

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