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How To Sweet Talk A Girl Into Liking You

First of all, girls love sweet talk, as girls love attention.

If you are giving your girl sweet talk, she is most likely eating up the attention whether she lets you know it or not. One thing is for sure, if you do not know how to talk sweetly to a girl, your chances of catching her decrease considerably.

The good news is that even if you are not sure what kinds of things to say to a girl, you can learn in no time. It simply takes a little bit of effort and practice on your part. Here are some tips on how to sweet talk a girl into liking you: (this is only small sample of what I teach in my free guide “The 4 secrets to massive female attraction”…. make sure to check it out!

a guy sweet talking a girl to make her like himNo more shy guy. If you struggle with shyness, get to the root of the reason. Did a girl reject you long ago? Do you fear being laughed at, slapped, or ignored? A little shyness is not detrimental and sometimes works for your advantage, but too shy to even utter a sweet sentence to a girl will cause you to sleep alone every night for life. Do what you can to become more confident.

Learn how to compliment. Girls love a compliment. Actually, a major complaint of women is that their guys do not compliment them enough. Take note of a girl’s attire, her hair, her perfume, car, purse, manicure, jewelry, and curves. The more you notice, the more compliments you can give.

For example, if you like a girl, begin to study her appearance and compliment her on different attributes when you see her. Don’t over due it and be sincere. Here are some thoughtful compliments you can give a girl:

• Wow, I love that necklace.
• You’re hair looks awesome!
• You look beautiful.
• I like your smile.
• You have cool friends.
• You have cute feet.
• You have wonderful taste in clothes.
• You are such a hard worker.
• You look so fit!

If she notices you are paying attention to her and offering sweet compliments, she’s more likely to fall for you.

Brag on her around other people. If you can brag on a girl in front of other people, you will catch her attention. Try to draw attention to what makes her interesting and unique. If you are with a group of people and the topic of career advancement comes up, let everyone know that she climbed her way up the corporate ladder to District Manager of your company. Get to know your girl so that you are able to brag on her accomplishments, her family, interests, etc. Girls like to be talked about in a positive way; just be careful not to overdo it. Too much bragging will simply annoy her and other people.

Be sweet. Girls like a guy who is masculine and sweet at the same time. When you are around girls, simply be sweet to them. Tell them they look beautiful. Open the door for them. Offer to get them a cup of coffee. Take them out to dinner. Tell them you like the way they dress, sing, or wear their hair. Be sweet to others in her presence. Does she have children? Be sweet to them. Tell her she’s doing a wonderful job raising them. Listen to her as she talks to you. Really listen and affirm what she is saying or feeling. Be present with her. Sweet talk is wonderful, but you must back that up with thoughtful actions.

Come up with a cute pet name. If you create a special pet name for a girl, it can create pleasant feelings for her. Consider calling her: Beautiful, Cutie Pie, Buttercup, Angel, Precious, Sunshine, Sweetheart, or Gorgeous. See what her response is when you do. If she smiles and things carry on smoothly, you’ll know she likes it. If she has no response or there is an awkward silence that ensues, she might not love being called a sweet name.

Sweet talking a girl into liking you is possible; just remember to be yourself. Girls like sweet talk, but they also want a guy that is confident enough to be himself around her. Sweet talk may be foreign to you, but you can learn to compliment a girl easily and condition yourself to do so every so often. One thing is for sure: Girls like attention, so taking the time to notice details and compliment them scores you points and may cause you to win over the girl you’re crushing on.

Sweet talking a girl is only ONE aspect of attracting and KEEPING a girl in your life. Make sure to check out my 4 secrets to MASSIVE female attraction where I reveal the secrets of getting a girl to notice you and fall in love with you.

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