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The Tao of Badass Review – A Consumer’s Report

Joshua Pellcier’s The Tao of Badass is a 150 page instant download system that claims to give men the knowledge, skills and tricks they need to get hot women.'s the tao of badass reviewAccording to Josh, attracting, dating and keeping women are all skills that you have to learn – they are not inherited. Based on this idea, he spent 5 years sifting through all the dating books and getting real-world experience in order to determine what works with women and what doesn’t. As such, he claims his book is virtually a “best of” collection.

What The Tao of Badass claims to teach:

  • How to read a women’s body language to in order to find out exactly what she’s thinking. You’ll learn skills that will allow you to instantly tell if if she’s lying, attracted to you or not, single or taken.
  • The five things you NEED to do to change your appearance to be more confident and ultimately more attractive to women.
  • The BEST way to get the one-on-one time with a women needed to build attraction.
  • The cold facts about HOW and WHEN to show your sensitive side to a women – this will shock you.
  • How to tell when a woman is leading you to the friend zone, and how to stop it
  • How to successfully hit on 8’s and 9’s vs. 4’s and 5’s – the methods are completely different
  • 3 evolutionary glitch’s that will allow you trigger attraction in a women without them even knowing its happening.  (the pickup artists half use this one, but don’t even know it!)
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the Tao of Badass community forums and resources.
  • Unlimited access to Josh’s online webinars and HD video collection.
  • The evolutionary reason that goldfish are better with women than most human men are. (You’ll have to watch his promotional video below to understand what I mean. Its hilarious and definitely worth a watch.)

Note: This review does not a contain a complete list of all the system’s contents, be sure to check out the product website in order to get a complete list.

 Limited Time Bonus Material Included:

  1. Monogamy vs. Polyamory” – how to properly date 1 or multiple women.
  2. Never Get Cheated On” – a guide on how to prevent a women from wandering
  3. Escaping the Friend Zone”- a guide for those who think its too late to build attraction.
  4. Guide to Breaking Up” – how to properly end a relationship that’s gone sour in a way that will allow you to resume it later (should you want to)

The Tao of Badass Review  – Product Guarantees/Customer Service:

Josh offers a full 60 day money-back guarantee –  if after two full months you are not in love with this system, he will refund your money with no questions asked. Although very rare, I have had no issues with my clients or readers getting their money back when they asked. Get the system now!

 My Thoughts/Experiences with this system:

Back in my days of experimenting with pickup techniques and systems I quickly became a die-hard fan of Savoy and David D’s material; it was simple, I used and studied these books and they worked. I was getting women – lots of them. And so, I wasn’t looking for any new material or system. I thought I didn’t need it.

One day a couple of years back, a lifelong friend of mine, Dan L (a self-taught pickup artist) called me to tell me he wanted me to meet his new “girlfriends”. At this point in our lives we were constantly trying to top each other, so this was not an usual type of call to get from him.

So being intrigued, I went over to his place to find that he was actively dating 3 women –  and get this – they all knew about each other, and were living together in a polyamourous relationship. These women were actually okay with the idea of sharing him with each other!

 You should have seen the looks on people faces when they would see him doing his grocery shopping with 3 hot women on his arm in a completely casual manner!

When I asked him what his method was and he told me was trying out this new system called the Tao of Badass, and so being a skeptical consumer and having fallen for many scams, I bought it based on his recommendation with low expectations.

I went home that night and ordered it via instant download and what I found a was book that covers pick-ups, dating and relationships from A-Z. Not only did it cover all of these topics, but it used the best bits and pieces from all the other dating systems and removed the filler.

Since then Ive read this book 6-7 times and still use it as my main go-to guide. Given my successes, I knew I had to create a Tao of Badass review to share this information with my readers.

Review Summary:

During the research phase of this Tao of Badass review I found that there was no exaggerated claims in this system, Josh actually delivers everything he promises to; a refreshing rarity in an industry with so many scams.

Most importantly though, after numerous personal successes with women using this system over the last 2 years, it earned its place as my most recommended dating resource for men. It is also now a required reading for all my courses and seminars for men as it is a critical part of teaching men in my courses the tools and skills they need to overcome rejection, understand the illogical female mind and most of all get with women.

Who this system is recommended for:

  • Guys who are looking for a thorough understanding the female attraction mechanism and how to trigger it.
  • Guys who are looking to arm themselves with some of the best pick-up and dating techniques in the industry.
  • Guys who are looking to prevent rejection and being put in the friend zone.
  • Guys who are interested in understanding what women really mean when they say that they are “confused”, that they “love you, but are not in love with you”, or that “you’re more like a brother” – and how to turn these situations around.
  • Guys who want to learn how to get a quality woman, and keep her around for the long haul.

Who this system is NOT recommended for:

  • Guys who can already get multiple 8’s or 9’s with ease. You’ve already evolved your game past any dating manual- don’t bother.
  • Guys under the age of 17 – you probably don’t yet have the maturity to fully appreciate this information.
  • Guys who are too timid to summon up enough courage and bravery to TRY something new.

The Tao of Badass Tally: 4.4 /5

The Tao of Badass
Quality of Information
The information presented in this book is the best in the industry. You will understand how to get women after you read it - and that's' all that really matters.
This book could have used more bullets and/or diagrams to demonstrate ideas.
All necessary tools and skills are provided so that information can be used in almost any phase of dating or a relationship
Josh's claim of having created a 'best of' attraction guide to getting women is fully substantiated in my mind. This system remains my most recommended resource for men - and it has been for the last 12 months. The real question is 'Who can dethrone Josh P?'

FREE Reader Bonus:

Because my goal with is help as many guys as possible see tremendous success with women, I am going to include my guide “The 3 REAL Reasons Women Reject Men” when you get The Tao of Badass.

This free guide includes:

  • The 4 “woman repellant” body language signals that MOST guys give off
  • The 2 REAL reasons women get “confused” in a relationship
  • Really! Shes with him?”– the exact reason seemingly undesirable men get with hot girls – and why the girls don’t even seem to care or notice!

The guide is the culmination of 10 years of my research in the field – its my best material.

And while I usually charge my clients hundreds of dollars for this stuff I’m including it free because I feel it compliments this Tao of Badass review perfectly. Including it also allows me to help as many of my readers as possible in shortest amount of time, which is my ultimate goal with

Just be sure to get the Tao of Badass through my link below so I can get the guide to you during the checkout process.

You see guys, there are two types of men in this world: Men who struggle with loneliness, break-ups and divorce for their entire lives because they have too much pride to seek alternate ideas and expand their knowledge of women; but some men, including myself and hundreds of my clients, have found a way out of this painful cycle; a way to understand the female mind.…it’s your turn:

Check Out Josh’s Famous Tao Video AND Get My Free Guide Now!

(Ps. Make sure to bookmark this page – I get alot of readers contacting me looking for this review link after a few days of contemplation. And as always, I stand 100% behind any recommendations I may make – if you ever need any assistance in regards to this system send me an email and ill personally get everything resolved for you. My readers come first.)

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The Tao of Badass was reviewed by Nathan Joseph on June 11th 2012


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