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The Women Men Adore Review


The women men adore reviewbook overview: “The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave” is a 115 page e-book by a relationship coach and therapist Bob Grant that promises to improve your love-life by presenting you with the knowledge you require to understand men. the women men adore reviewThe Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave claims that “it will show you ways to get in touch with your femininity. It will teach you how to be strong by being vulnerable and give you the tools you need to start and maintain a healthy and loving relationship.” 

The Women Men Adore claims to offer the following information:

-The 5 things that all guys secretly crave.
The one single reason why men get married to a particular woman.
– How to influence a man’s inner most emotions.
– How to REALLY understand what he feels.
– 4 things that you do to sabotage your relationships.
– 2 things you can do to make a man unable to resist you.
– What men really seek in women (and no its not the most beautiful woman).
– The 4 words you must know in order to have a successful relationship (This is a small summary. Bob offers up alot more information on his website.)

The Women Men Adore Review – Chapter Layout:

  • The First Chapter – Vulnerability
  • Chapter 2 – What Men Really Want
  • Chapter 3 – Listening to Your Heart
  • The fourth chapter – Certain Death to Relationships
  • Chapter 5 – Forgiveness
  • The sixth chapter – Secrets of a Great Relationship
  • Chapter 7 – Deciding Your Style
  • The eighth chapter – No Man is a Match for a Woman
  • Chapter 9 – Personality and Perception
  • Chapter 10 – Practical, Practical, Practical
  • The eleventh chapter – What You Can Expect

My Thoughts/Experiences with The Women Men Adore:

I first came across this book in 2009 when a reader of mine recommended it to me – she had mentioned that it changed her life and that I needed to share it with my readers. An exceptional claim to say the least.

So, being a skeptical consumer, I decided to buy and read this book to see if it was a legitimate resource for women, and the first thing I noticed about this book is that there is was no filler or fluff. Grant really gets down to business and offers the hard facts and techniques that will allow you to understand men intimately, and ultimately give you the tools to make them fall in love with you.

I also found that all of the techniques and skills that Grant promises (see above overview) to deliver are actually in the book – there was no misleading or exaggerated claims.

I think the most exciting part of this book was that I learned things about myself. I had a couple of “Oh my god, hes right, I actually do that.” and “Ohhh…THAT’s why I do that to women..” moments. This got me thinking “If I can learn more about men – BEING a man myself  – imagine how much I could help my female readers with this book”

Since then, I have made this book a required reading in all of my seminars and courses for women. It really does give the women I work with the tools to CONTROL and MASTER their relationships with men.

Who this book is recommended for:

  • Women who keep dating men who cant commit
  • Women who want to understand men deeply and intimately
  • Women who want to understand HOW to make a man fall madly in love with them (the exact steps, not concepts)
  • Women who are starting to feel their boyfriend or husband pulling away and want to know how to get that spark back.
  • Smart, exceptional, women who know they deserve better than what they are currently getting from men.

Who this book is NOT recommended for:

  • Women who are just out of a relationship and are just looking to have some shallow fun for awhile.
  • Young women (under 18)

The Women Men Adore Review – Strengths/Weaknesses:


  • The Women Men Adore is the best collection of relationship advice for women that I have found to date.
  • Bob brings all of his experience as a professional counselor into this book – upon reading it, it becomes apparent that he is a top expert in this field. It is also obvious that he did not hold back any of his best advice for women.
  • Being consistent with values, Bob tells the truth about how men think and act, there is no sugar-coating the truth, only uncensored facts.
  • This book is available through instant download.
  • Chapter 7, practical, practical practical, presents effective actions you can use immediately on a man in your life.
  • Easy lay-out and design means its simple to identify and remember the important ideas and tips.


  • Chapter 2, listening to your heart, tends to be a little bit more spiritual and emotional than I would prefer. (Maybe its because I’m a guy)
  • There could be a few more diagrams or photos.

Guarantees/Customer Service:

Bob Grant offers an 8 week money-back guarantee –  if after eight weeks, you are not completely satisfied with the book, he will refund your money with no questions asked. Although very rare, I have had no issues with my clients or readers getting their money back upon request.

The Women Men Adore Review Conclusion:

Bob Grant delivers what he promises, after reading this book you will have a deep understanding of how men think and what they really want. You will also be armed with the techniques to use this knowledge to improve your relationships with men, for the rest of your life. Please remember though is all about helping people improve their love life, so please resist the temptation to misuse this knowledge and abuse men – I don’t want to see any guys getting hurt.

Despite having read dozens of relationship books over the last 2 years, “The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave”  has remained my most recommended relationship resource for women this entire time.

It will be interesting to see if anyone can dethrone Bob Grant in 2012.

The Women Men Adore Review Final Tally: 4.5 /5

The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave
Quality of Information
The information in this book is well researched, thought-out and presented clearly.
Could have used more photos and/or diagrams.
All necessary tools and skills are provided so that information can be used in almost any phase of a relationship
With this book, Grant sets the bar for other relationship authors. The women men adore has become a staple within the self-help and relationship community, for good reason - it works. It remains my highest rated and most recommended relationship resource for women. Reader Bonus:

Because my goal with is help as many people as possible see success in their love lives as possible, I am going to include my guide “The 3 REAL Reasons Men Become Distant”  when you get The Women Men Adore and Never Want to Leave.

In this guide I will show you:

  • The 3 ROOT causes of a man withdrawing, what hes thinking when he does it, and how to stop it from happening.
  • The REAL reasons men don’t call a women back. (I interviewed 40 men for this one)
  • Really! HES with HER?”Why men fall madly in love with women that might otherwise seem “undesirable”. (Oddly enough,  I found that this is connected to the SAME reasons they become distant!)

This guide is product of 10 years of my best research – and its usually reserved for my paying clients.

I am including it because it compliments this book perfectly, and I truly feel it will allow me to help the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time. (Simply click  on the link below so I can get guide to you during the checkout process.)

You see ladies, there are only two types of women in this world: “The majority” who struggle with men, break-ups, loneliness and divorce for their entire lives because they have too much pride to expand their knowledge of men; it breaks my heart because it doesn’t have to be this way.

Some women though, including hundreds of my clients, have found a way to breakout of this painful cycle; a way to understand men completely – Its your turn:

Check out The Women Men Adore now AND Get My Free Guide!

Ps. Make sure to bookmark this page – I get alot of readers contacting me looking for this review link after a few days of contemplation.

Pps. The women men adore review does not cover all aspects of the book. Check out his website (link above) for a complete listing of everything offered in the book.

 the women men adore review by Nathan Joseph on June 6th 2012

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