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What Attracts Women – The 3 Traits That Trigger Attraction


What attracts women? A question that has eluded men for centuries.

The answer is really quite simple; evolution has fine tuned the human attraction mechanism to ensure the best possible chance of survival for our young. Based on this principle, we can figure out what attracts women – even in the modern age.

man attracting a womanWomen are attracted to strong men who can integrate and thrive in society; whereas men are attracted to fertile, stable and nurturing women —> I explain much more of this concept in my free e-guide – get yours now!

This combination of traits ensure that offspring will be protected and guided by the father and nurtured and birthed by the mother. In order to trigger attraction in a women you MUST prove to her that you are in fact a strong male, both mentally and physically. You must also prove to her that you can function in society and that you are  socially adept.

In fact, the two traits that ARE most important in attracting a women are #1: Confidence, #2: Humor and the most important social attribute is your social status.

#1) Confidence: This is an absolute must. If you aren’t confident you will not be successful with women. I do not mean cocky or macho confident either, this is another form of insecurity.

True confidence  is only earned through experience and it is knowing without a doubt you can handle any situations thrown your way.  Without it, how can a women trust you to protect and guide her young?

If you aren’t a confident person you need to get out in the world and make mistakes. Take risks and FACE YOUR FEARS. Cowardice and insecurity are HUGE turn-offs to women so close your eyes, count to three and walk over and talk to that cashier you’ve been eying. You might get shut down, but you will learn that rejection is not the end of the world and that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. THIS tried and true strength of taking risks, getting hurt is what women have adapted to crave, so get out there,  interact with the universe and earn your battle-scars.

#2) Humor: Humor is the second most important trait in building attraction. Humor is comprised of two components: Intelligence and social dynamics. Humor shows a women that you are not nervous in a particular situation and that you are so comfortable and in control that you find the situation funny. Humor works because nervous and low-status people are too insecure to joke around. I mean, do you joke around during a job interview?

What’s more, studies have shown that people will laugh at high status people’s jokes more often than that of low status people. So, when you make a good joke and make people laugh it shows that you’re smart enough to process and make the joke, comfortable and confident enough to do it smoothy in a group setting and of high enough status to have people laugh at it. This mixture of signals is what attracts women. If you’re not funny, learn to be. Watch stand up comedy, take a class. This is a must for building attraction.

I should also mention that one type of humor is more effective at triggering attraction then the others. These are jokes based on social status observations. These jokes will pick out a person who is seemingly high-status and you will then joke about them in an attempt to raise your own social status. An example you would say to date: “Wow, look at that bouncer’s tight shirt, you think he saves alot of money by shopping in the children’s section?” (Don’t let HIM hear you.) Why does this work? Because joking about someone is a sign of dominance and high-status. People generally don’t joke about people who are of higher status, they supplicate instead. So break the trend, and be the guy that isn’t scared.

#3) Social Status: Understanding social status is critical in knowing what attracts women. Both women and men gauge social status subconsciously before the mind decides whether to trigger attraction. Social status is your level of respect, integration, power and competence within society. In short, it’s how popular you are in society and the world at large. People with high social status tend to have full control of their own world, command respect, dominate others (in an evolutionary sense) and most people will supplicate to them. Think of how you’re willing to wait patiently in your doctor’s waiting room, but not for your burger at McDonalds. Why? Because your doctor has a high social status and you happily supplicate to his/her will.

When it comes to social status and attraction, I have one simple rule. You’re social status has to be equal or higher than a woman’s to ensure sustained attraction. Other dating gurus will teach you tricks on how to pretend to have high social status, but women will  eventually catch on, and leave you.

The key to having REAL and LASTING high social status is control.  Control over every aspect of your life, other people, you’re finances, your personal security and your emotions. In short, you’re the man and you crush your competition, protect those close to you, command and demand respect from others but give generously when you feel it appropriate. YOU ARE IN CONTROL! Think about your life, anyone in your life who tells you what to do almost certainly has a higher social status than you. You need to aim to be that person whether it’s the CEO of your company, the bouncer at the club, the super huge weightlifter at the bar…why not be all of those things?

Now that you know what attracts women, you have no excuses to be unsuccessful in your dating life. I can personally guarantee that if you work on these three things you WILL be successful with women and you WILL have your pick.

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-Nathan Joseph

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