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What Do Men Want In A Woman – 4 Secrets Revealed

Important Concepts: What Do Men Want In A Woman

– According to numerous studies, the top 3 things men want in a woman are: 1) Looks, 2) Stability and 3) Intelligence. Remember those  – forever.

– Men also want the following qualities in a woman, but they are slightly less important than the above.

  • Compassion,
  • Trustworthiness,
  • Maternal skills,
  • Humor,
  • Kindness,
  • Feminine traits,
  • Good health,
  • And, a healthy sex drive.

– Despite what you may have heard, men over the age of 22 are, in fact, looking for a life partner. They may pretend that they are just looking for another notch on their belt, but I can assure you, deep-down they are looking to fill a void – a void that can only be filled by their life-partner and future mother to their children.

what do men want in a woman– Most of the things men want in a women relate to traits that a successful mother would have. In short, men want women who would make good mothers, to both themselves and to any future children. They want someone who will stick around and take care of their family.

– Men do not want women who are erratic, unpredictable, masculine, emotionally unstable, or promiscuous.

Men are looking to minimize stress and negative emotions. They are looking for a women who can keep them happy and content.

Now on to What do men want in a woman – the 4 secrets:

#4 – Men want a woman who will fulfill his needs:

Men have very few needs, but when these needs are not met it causes them to feel rejected, emasculated and lonely. These negative emotions can begin to destroy a relationship if not kept in check.

Men require:

  • Regular sex
  • Quality Companionship
  • And, Kindness.

Men screen women out in the dating process who they feel will not be able to meet their needs. For example, if a man discovers that a woman is incapable of being a quality companion because she is always traveling, unreliable, emotionally unstable or distant – he will probably pass her up.

Men understand their own long-term needs and ultimately commit to women accordingly. Overall, men look for a woman who will support them, minimize their stress, and take care of their needs WITHOUT them having to ask. I understand this idea of “fulfilling his needs” is fairly crude, but I a can assure you that its VERY REAL.

3- Men want a woman who is prized by others –

Humans are social creatures – we are wired to want things that other people want. Things that are desired and in demand become valuable; and men want valuable women.

A valuable women is one that a man can proudly show off to his friends. You see, guys want to be able to brag about you to their parents and siblings. They want to be able to tell the world about their prize – about how beautiful, smart and kind their new girlfriend is. So, make sure you spend the time required to accentuate your looks when you’re out in a group setting – let yourself be his arm candy while you’re out.

Also, make sure you don’t embarrass him, put him down or otherwise come off as a undesirable girlfriend in front of his friends or family. Their opinion of you DOES MATTER and he will be crushed if they don’t like you – maybe even enough to leave you.

Overall, don’t give up on yourself. Stay in good shape, show pride in yourself, be positive, be fun to be around and give him the satisfaction of bragging about you – be a vibrant and exciting girlfriend.

2- Men want a woman who is loyal and stable –

Men seek women who they can trust with everything– their lives, their money and their families. The minute a women demonstrates that she is erratic, emotionally unstable or inconsistent – a man will start to withdraw. So, in order to attract and keep a guy around you need to show him that you have your life in order and that it is fairly stable.

A man wants to be able to rely on his wife without question, so make sure to emphasize that you don’t just pack up and leave when things aren’t perfect. The best way to demonstrate this is with your actions: Never break his trust, always do what you say you will, don’t be wreckless with your health or finances, make long-term commitments and stick to them – he WILL notice and he WILL secretly love it.

What do men want in a woman – #1) A women who will be a good mother to their children.

The primary thing men want in a woman are maternal traits: think about it – Looks, because they imply fertility – stability, because it means you wont take off or die – compassion and kindness because those qualities help to ensure a healthy family.  This phenomenon is a product of evolution – and its not a conscious decision on a man’s part, so you can use it to your advantage without him even knowing.

Things you can do to demonstrate maternal qualities:

– Control your emotions of jealous, anxiety and anger at all times! Be cool.
– Avoid drugs, gambling or alcohol abuse.
– Stop talking about how you don’t like children.
– Never imply that you might leave the city or country.
– Never talk about how to cheated on or left an ex.
– Never talk about your mental instability. (guys don’t want to hear how “crazy” you are)
– Always be patient, supportive and caring towards others, especially vulnerable people or animals.

Once a man has established that you are a caring, loyal and desirable girl – he will have NO choice but to fall for you; he’s wired that way. The learning doesn’t end here though….

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