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What To Say To Get Your Boyfriend Back

Many a woman has wondered what it will take to get her boyfriend back. No matter what happened or where things went wrong, you may be happy to know what to say to get your boyfriend back. It’s really not as hard as you might think!

There are some very common issues that can make a boyfriend run for the hills. Some of these have to do with making him feel important, while others are really all about finding what it takes to fix the wrong that occurred. No matter what, you have to mean what you say to convince him.

say this to get your ex bf backThough you may feel apprehensive, these words can be powerful. If you really want him back and are truly willing to do what it takes, then this is what to say to get your boyfriend back for good. This has to come from deep within you and should always be focused on making the relationship work for both of you.

These words along with my four steps to getting an ex back (DONT miss this) can get your relationship back to the place you want it to be—for good!

1. Say “I Want To Make You Happy”

Many men lose interest along the way when they feel as if their girlfriend doesn’t put his happiness first. Be sure that this is not the case and that this doesn’t happen to you because it can be a deadly mistake. If you want to get him back then he has to hear and know that his happiness is truly a priority to you.

Don’t just tell him what he wants to hear, but rather mean it. That means that you are telling him that you want to make him happy and really conveying this passionately. You want him to come away feeling, knowing, and understanding that he is a priority to you.

This shouldn’t come at the price of your own happiness, but men like to be taken care of. Call it an ego thing, but if he feels that his happiness matters to you and that you won’t cast him to the side for other priorities, then this will get him to pay attention.

2. Say “I Want Us To Work and I Will Work On Things”

There are bound to be some issues that broke the two of you apart. Now this is not bound to be a one sided thing, but if you are looking for ways to win him back then you have to do your part specifically. That means that as it goes, what to say to get your boyfriend back may very well be dependent upon what you are going to work on in terms of relationship issues.

Now this doesn’t mean that he’s exempt, but it should mean that you are willing to do what it takes. You know deep down what issues you brought to the table and so this is the time to face them, to come clean, and to be willing to do what it takes to work past them. If he sees this effort and your willingness to work through the issues in the interest of getting back together it is bound to win him over.

3. Say “I Want To Be Together and Still Be Individuals”

This may very well be one of the biggest reasons that a man runs—when he perceives that he is no longer able or free to be an individual. Don’t let this happen, particularly as you try to work through your issues together. Use this opportunity to show him and mean that you want to be a couple but that being individuals within that is still important to you. This may seem impossible, but it’s what a healthy relationship is based upon.

When he hears and sees that you are truly committed to having girl’s night and letting him go on guys night, that you want to be together but you can maintain some different interests, and that you feel confident in all of that, this will be huge! Healthy couples stay together because they can still maintain their individuality and so you need that to move forward with him—it really can work!

In any case, your next job is to check  out my four steps to getting your ex back and to win them over and make them your own for good!

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