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What Turns Women On – The 10 Triggers

 What turns women on – Important Concepts:

women that is turned on– Women are pre-programmed to become turned on when a man presents certain KEY characteristics. There is no choice in the matter, evolution has made this a subconscious automated response  – this is why women frequently get frustrated because they “keep dating jerks”. They cant help it!

– The fact that is an automatic process is bitter-sweet for men; guys who dont know these triggers will spend long, lonely nights, feeling the sting of rejection (I know, I was there), whereas guys who come to understand what turns women on will be successful with women again and again – for these guys, the fact that women cant even stop themselves from being attracted is hugely beneficial.

– Ive broken attractive male characteristics down into 10 trigger groups for you guys. These characteristics come straight from a quality source (Josh D’s Dating Secrets, the system I personally use) so you can be sure they’ll work.

– Always remember that having someone other than yourself demonstrate these qualities to a women is better than demonstrating them yourself. For example: Telling a women you make 100k a year is weak – having your friend mention your recent Lexus purchase will work better! Don’t brag outright, make it seem casual!

What Turns Women On – The 10 Triggers

Confidence – Always be confident in yourself, never show hesitation or weakness around a women you want to attract. When you make a move on a women or state an opinion DO NOT change your mind or back out mid-way. Be 100% comfortable with who you are and what you’re doing. Within the first 5 minutes of meeting a women you need to send her a clear message that youre not nervous around her and that you CAN HANDLE HER. This confidence in your own abilities is the corner-stone of turning women on.

Humor– Humor turns women on because it demonstrates intelligence, wit, high status and dominance all in one shot. Making a funny joke is not easy when you really boil it all down.  If you really want to know what turns women on – look no further then a well timed confident joke that either teases her or someone nearby. You’ll hit 6-7 attraction triggers with one joke.

Social Status– Your social status is your rank in the pecking order, so basically, popular and successful people have a high social status. Women are programmed to become attracted to men in these positions of dominance. Thankfully though, as you progress in mastering your game you learn to send her subconscious signals that you are in fact a high-status male – regardless of whether or not it’s true.

Good health- It should go without saying that you should always emphasize good health to a women. Good health = healthy offspring = what turns women on. Dont make the mistake of talking about how sickly you are in hopes of getting pity – all you’ll get is yourself in the friend zone. Emphasize how fit you are , how much you work-out, the sports you play or how much you run. Again though, don’t brag, make it seem natural.

Pre-selection – Women are attracted to men who are attractive to other women. Can you wrap your head around that? Its an evolutionary thing – when a women finds out OTHER women like you she will instantly become turned on. Why you ask? Because its a smart tool that saves the women time of having to screen you out – someone else already did it for them.  So, dont be afraid to imply that you have your pick of women and don’t apologize for your sexuality.

Dominance and Power –  Power is the french word for “pour voir” translated it means “to get“. Power and dominance represents your ability to get what you want. Are you an employee or an employer? Do you get vip access to the bar? Do you cower to big meat head weightlifters? Getting people to do what you want turns women on. Having people tell you what to do doesn’t.

Mental Strength – This is your capacity to handle stress and confrontation. Before attraction can be achieved a women will test your resolve to make sure you can handle whatever life throws at you. Women are not looking for weak men – they are wired to seek strong men who can protect and provide for their family.

Physical Strength – Muscles turn women on because they represent strength, dominance and good health.

Stability – Are you a bankrupt drug addict who always skips town? It should go without saying that there aren’t many women who will think this is a sexy lifestyle. Women get turned on by men who are relativity stable yet still have a hint of danger, ambition and mystery about them. They want a man who is stable in his finances, mental health, career and life – when I say stable though, I dont mean boring, I mean they are successful and have a good chance of staying that way.

Protective of Loved Ones – Women get turned on by men who are not afraid to stand up and put themselves in harms way for the ones they love. This sends a clear signal that you would protect your future kids at all costsa strong indicator that you’d make a good father.

Wealth – Wealth is power – and again, it’s your ability to get people to do things for you. Its also your ability to acquire territory (land) and food which are strong triggers of attraction that date back to primitive man.

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