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Why Won’t My Ex Boyfriend Text Me Back?

We’ve all been there.

We’ve all felt the pain that comes after a break-up. Most of us, in addition, go through a phase where we feel like we need to communicate with our exes. Perhaps you didn’t get the closure that you needed after the breakup. Maybe you are just looking to be friends; grab a friendly cup of coffee.

Maybe the relationship ended on bad terms, in a painful explosive fight, and you’re simply calling to apologize. While you may have the best intentions when you call or text your ex, you may find yourself wondering, “Why won’t my ex-boyfriend text me back?”

your ex boyfriend reading a textMore often than not, the members of a broken couple are not immediately comfortable remaining in contact with one another after the split. Did you break up with him? If you did, it can be too painful to have to talk to you, especially if you broke his heart – its going to take time and patience to rebuild the trust – take that into account.

Now, if you weren’t the party that did the dumping, stop sitting around wondering why your ex-boyfriend will not text you back. Start working on rebuilding his attraction for you – I outline the 4 steps you need to take to get him to miss you, and your relationship – check it out now!

6 common reasons your ex boyfriend hasn’t texted you back.

1. It’s too soon. If you two just broke up and it still hurts to think about that other person, texting isn’t the best thing to do, unless you’re looking to get back together. The aftermath of a breakup is when you are most vulnerable to giving in to knee-jerk impulses. Take a deep breath, put the phone down, work on a one or two week plan to get your ex back. It wont happen today!

2. Less Text, More Communication. Talking on the phone or in person is much more effective than exchanging emoticons. Being as straightforward and honest as possible will maximize chances of receiving an equally straightforward and honest answer.

3. You’ve met someone else. It’s always difficult to maintain friendly relations with an ex. You’ve had a lot of history with this person, and if you’ve recently gotten together with someone new, your ex may have had his or her hopes dashed that you might get back together. You need to make it clear to your ex that its not serious.

4. Too many messages. If you’ve recently broken up, but were formerly attached at the hip, it can be very difficult to detach. Overcompensating for this newfound alone time by naturally reaching out to that person you spent so much time with is only natural. If your ex boyfriend is not texting you back, it could be from too many texts sent on your part. Allow him some time to miss you!

5. See prior sent message. Were you being too comfortable, or flirtatious? This could easily explain why your ex hasn’t responded. Old habits die hard, but always be considerate of the other person’s feelings. After a break up, you need to start fresh, and slowly rebuild the relationship from the ground up – almost like a first date all over again. Don’t be too pushy!

6. He’s met someone else. This is in no way a worst-case scenario, because you broke up for a reason. Never assume this has happened, but don’t rule this out as a possibility until you know for sure. New girl or boyfriends won’t be too keen on your ex’s continued correspondence with you. Don’t worry though, its most likely a rebound, and it wont last long!

No matter the situation, its important that you understand the 4 steps to getting your ex back. Here, I describe the exact steps to getting your ex to miss you and crave your company again. Make sure to check it out now!

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